Great Leaders Have Coaches.
Why Shouldn’t You?

Build The Future-Ready Skills To Thrive As A B2B Sales Manager

Great Leaders Have Coaches. Why Shouldn’t You?

Build The Future-Ready Skills To Thrive As A B2B Sales Manager

What Clients Are Saying

“The changes I've made as a result of what I learned in this program have helped me with my career progression and to have a more balanced personal life. I've also just had my best year in sales yet — I hit the 7-figure mark for the first time!”

Dmitrij Kovalev
Sales Director / Lacework

“So impactful. In fact, I not only hit all of my targets this year, but I also earned a promotion far faster than I'd ever thought possible. I can confidently say that this program significantly contributed to my success!”

Andreas Kasper
Strategic Account Executive / Salesforce

“Such a valuable program and an absolute game-changer for sales managers looking to take their careers to the next level. It also helps that Sascha has spent a decade in sales himself. 10/10 would highly recommend!”

Fabian Poth
Sales Director / Datasite

“The tools and strategies I’ve learned in this program have been extremely valuable. Working with Sascha has helped me be my best and succeed even as my challenges and demands have grown!"

Marina Miteva
Manager / McKinsey & Company

“When dealing with the extreme nature of my job, I feel much better equipped with the tools, strategies, and insights I learned from this program. I feel I have more energy and I can see the impact on those around me. Sascha has given me and those I work with a competitive edge. I can honestly say that this program has been a life-changing experience for me!”

Dr. Robert Ruhlandt
Senior Manager / Bain & Company

"Developing mental toughness and resilience is going to be a key differentiator in the coming years, and it’s wise to have this man on your radar. Sascha has a range of tools and practical strategies that help people achieve more sustainable success. I would strongly recommend this program, especially to those who manage people!”

Caspar Borkowsky
Chief Executive Officer / Angels GmbH

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Revolutionize The Way You Work In Sales

Are you ready to focus on you, your leadership potential, and the bigger impact you can make in your life and career?

With the Sales Performance Accelerator program, you experience the evidence-based coaching and online training that successful sales managers use to achieve next-level performance, well-being, and success.

We help our clients develop the mindset, habits, and leadership skills they need to excel in today’s high-pressure, high-stress sales environment.

Join 250+ sales managers who have used our program to secure promotions, double their income, and achieve accolades such as “leader of the year” — all without burning out or sacrificing their health in the process.

Specifically Designed For People in High-Pressure Work Environments

6-Month Program Includes


1:1 Coaching Sessions

Every two weeks we’ll connect online for 60 minutes & I’ll coach you on the most pressing issues you’re facing. This is where we’ll turn your current challenges into opportunities for transformational growth & sustainable success.


Online Training Program

No high performance leadership coaching program would be complete without the science-backed tools, strategies, & resources necessary to achieve your next level of mental performance, emotional resilience, & physical health.


Ongoing Support

When you want to pressure-proof your brain & future-proof your sales career, the fastest way to get going & secure ongoing success is to combine live coaching sessions & bespoke training with regular accountability check-ins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

This program is for sales managers who want to optimize their leadership performance and develop the mental toughness required to excel in today’s high-pressure, high-stress sales environment. It’s for sales managers who are looking to gain a strategic edge and set themselves apart from the competition. Our 6-month program is focused on helping you—as a sales manager—expand crucial leadership capabilities and cultivate the mindset and habits needed to rise to the top of your career.

Who is this program NOT for?

This program is not for you if you are looking for quick fixes and are not dedicated to investing time and effort into your personal and professional development. It’s also not for you if you expect this to be easy—this work is challenging, but it’s worth the effort. Our 6-month program is for sales managers who are dedicated to achieving excellence in their career.

Who are you and why should I work with you?

I bring 10 years of sales and leadership experience, 2000+ hours of coach training and education (ICF certified), and a track record of helping 250+ clients from top-tier companies such as Google, IBM, Salesforce, Snowflake, Bain & Company, Visa, American Express, and more, achieve next-level performance and success. The methods you’ll discover in this program are the same ones my clients have used to secure promotions, double their income, and achieve accolades such as “leader of the year”—all without burning out or sacrificing their well-being in the process. They will work for you too, I promise.

How can I enroll in the Sales Performance Accelerator program?

We want to make sure this program is the right fit for you. As part of the enrollment process, you can schedule a 30-minute discovery call here. The purpose of the call is to help you discover if the program is right for you and to give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

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