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After almost 10 years on the sales frontline, I know that those who have the psychological toolkit, anti-fragile mindset, and sustainable high performance system that upgrades their energy, mental performance, and physical health, are the ones who will not only win in sales but also in life.

Led by sustainable high performance coach* Sascha Heinemann this program takes AEs from stressed to resilient, exhausted to energized, overwhelmed to in control, fragile to agile, and being busy to making an impact.

Discover the scientific shortcut to achieving next-level performance and sales success—tried, tested, and proven strategies that deliver fast results while fitting perfectly into your busy, time-pressured lifestyle.

*Sascha Heinemann is a Certified Professional Coach from the Institute of Professional Coaching (iPEC) and an ICF (International Coaching Federation) Professional Certified Coach with an educational background in Business and Positive Psychology.

Specifically Designed For People in High-stress environments

3-Month Program Includes


1:1 Coaching Sessions

Every two weeks we’ll connect online for 60 minutes & I’ll coach you on the most pressing issues you’re facing. This is where we will turn your challenges into opportunities for transformational growth & sustainable success.


Training & Education

No sustainable high performance coaching program would be complete without the science-backed tools, strategies, & resources necessary to achieve your next level of energy, mental performance, & physical health.


Ongoing Support

When you want to pressure-proof your brain & future-proof your sales career, the fastest way to get going & secure ongoing success is to combine live coaching & bespoke training with regular accountability check-ins.

The Sustainable High Performance System Used By The Best:

What Clients Say

“The mindset & resilience strategies Sascha has shared with me have been a game changer. It helps that he has spent almost a decade in sales himself. His approach is practical & effective. I would strongly recommend this program, especially to those who work in high-pressure environments!”

Andreas Kasper
Account Executive / Salesforce

“Sascha’s insights, expertise, & sound practical advice have had an enormously positive impact on me & my team. I can strongly recommend his program to anyone who would like to accelerate their sales career!”

Fabian Poth
Senior Sales Director / Datasite

“I can highly recommend Sascha's coaching program as it helped me to achieve more with less. Using his insights, tools, & strategies, I've made several lifestyle changes, which helped me with my career progression & to have a more balanced personal life. I've also just had my best year in sales yet!”

Dmitrij Kovalev
Sales Director / Lacework

“The strategies I’ve learned have helped me to feel more energized, focused, & resilient, both at work & at home. Working with Sascha has helped me be my best & succeed even as my challenges & demands have grown!"

Marina Miteva
Manager / McKinsey & Company

“When dealing with the extreme nature of my job, I feel much better equipped with the tools, strategies, & insights I learned from this coaching program. I feel I have more energy & I can see the impact on those around me. Sascha has given me & those I work with a competitive edge!”

Dr. Robert Ruhlandt
Senior Manager / Bain & Company

“The tools & strategies Sascha has shared with me to manage stress & build resilience will be useful for the rest of my life. I believe Sascha is touching upon one of the most overlooked success factors. I really like his approach to sustainable high performance!”

Marcell Jansen
Former Germany National Football Team

“Since working with Sascha, I have better mental agility, more calmness, & more energy to solve the very complex problems which are a part of my days. The strategies & support have helped me have more impact on those around me & to be a better husband & father!”

Vedran Bahtijarevic
Managing Consultant / Page Executive

"Sascha is one of the rare people who have the ability to see what you can’t. I have found working with him tremendously helpful in numerous ways & I left with a completely new outlook on how to approach work & life. I highly recommend his coaching program & I never do that lightly!“

Marc Ebinger
CEO & Co-Founder / Rimasys Group

Discover The Sales Performance Accelerator™

The Sustainable High Performance System For Sales Athletes

Module 1

Define Your Future

The science of getting from where you are to where you want to be.

  • Understand the science behind goal setting & how you can apply these findings to your own goals.
  • Identify your core values & craft a powerful vision for your future that will inspire your success.
  • Discover & practice the fundamental behaviors upon which change is most effectively built.
Module 2

Energy Fundamentals

How to take control of stress & overcome what’s holding you back.

  • Apply the insights from your initial assessments to create lasting behavioral change.
  • Discover the 7 levels of energy & how you can use this framework to take control of stress.
  • Identify your mental barriers & remove the obstacles holding you back from achieving your goals.

Module 3

Performance Influencers

Strategies to maximize your performance & remove obstacles.

  • Discover what’s most affecting your energy, health, & performance potential.
  • Understand the six key performance influencers & learn how you can make them work for you.
  • Determine which intervention strategies work best for you to bring about your ideal performance state.

Module 4

Change Mastery

How to create lasting change with the power of neuroscience.

  • Discover the main reason why most people don’t change & how you will do it better.
  • Leverage the latest scientific research on habit formation to create lasting change in your life.
  • Set up a framework of routines that will propel you towards higher levels of energy, performance, & health.

Module 5

Performance Disciplines

The essential mindset interventions that result in sustained success.

  • Discover the six performance disciplines that have been shown to drive sustainable sales success.
  • Build a mastery learning philosophy, based on these disciplines, that will unleash your potential in years to come.
  • Receive lifetime access to the online training videos & mindset strategies of the Sales Performance Accelerator™ program.

The SCOPE™ App

An app that measures your performance potential in real time.

  • Pinpoint what’s causing you stress.
  • Get strategies to shift into high performance.
  • Maximize the likelihood of performing to your potential.

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