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Future-Proofing The Careers Of Sales Managers

This Program Is Specifically Designed For People Working In High-Pressure, High-Stress Environments Who Want To Crush It At Work Without Work Crushing Them, Their Health, Or Their Happiness.

Who Am I?

Having been a sales manager myself, I experienced first-hand how stress can impair physical and mental well-being and undermine performance. 

Fueled by a burning desire for success, I ignored all the warning signs, which eventually took its toll on me—I literally collapsed from stress. The day of my breakdown was ultimately the day I realized that the way I was working wasn’t working and that I had to make a change. 

Over the next years, I threw myself wholeheartedly into transforming myself. Into discovering and decoding exactly how the world’s best performers bring out their best consistently without burning out in the process.

And on my own journey (after countless hours of trial and error) I figured out what really works for me and other people and what doesn’t work. And what started as my own struggle turned into my biggest passion and purpose in life: to help sales managers perform at their best without sacrificing their health and happiness.

My ultimate goal is to help you 10x your energy, performance, and success in life while enjoying the ride.

Sascha Heinemann is a Certified Professional Coach from the Institute of Professional Coaching, an ICF (International Coaching Federation) Professional Certified Coach, and a COR.E Performance Dynamics Specialist with an educational background in Positive Psychology.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

This program helps sales managers to overcome burnout symptoms, build resilience, and get more work done, in less time, at a higher level of quality, and more sustainably.


Who It Is Not For?

  • Please don’t contact me unless you’re REALLY committed to changing. I’m not a magician.
  • It’s also not for you, if you’re looking for a quick fix to get out of your current situation.
Module One

Setting the Foundation


  • Understand the 4 dimensions of sustained high performance in the context of your life
  • Identify how to leverage stress productively for growth
  • Discover the 3 principles that fuel and maintain resilience in the face of adversity and change


Are you under pressure to perform, to handle more, to always be “on”? If this is your reality then you’ve probably realized that attempting to minimize stress or remove external stressors is unrealistic. That’s why this approach leverages stress for growth. You will learn to manage stress—not avoid it—by oscillating strategically between high-intensity (stress) and low-intensity (recovery) periods to achieve maximum performance, resilience, and well-being.

Module Two

Status Quo Inventory


  • An audit is made to identify issues/ gaps that you may never have been aware of before
  • Understand where you are today—how you spend your time and energy—and the consequences of your daily choices
  • Identify your performance barriers and define positive energy rituals to overcome your limitations


How are you spending your time and energy now? And what’s standing in the way of your success? In this module you will explore your current energy choices and how they affect your performance, health, and happiness. It all starts with an audit to measure how effectively you are currently spending and recovering energy in all dimensions of your life. At the end of this module, you will have a clear understanding of what it takes to bridge the gap between where you are today and where you really want to be.

Module Three

Align Personal and Professional Mission


  • Discover your core values and determine your purpose, mission, and vision in life
  • Find out what you REALLY want, both personally and professionally 
  • Create your purpose driven strategy plan and develop action steps in order to translate your best intentions into your best behaviors


To what degree do you establish clear priorities that are consistent with what you say is most important to you? In this module you will explore what it is that you value most deeply and define accompanying rituals that are aligned with those findings. Having a clear sense of what really matters most to you will ultimately serve as a powerful source of inspiration and motivation to create positive lasting change in your life.

Module Four

The Facts and the Stories You Tell


  • Identify how you currently show up under stress and how it is affecting your performance and well-being
  • Understand how you unknowingly limit your potential and how to stop doing it once and for all
  • Determine your most effective coping strategies in order to remove patterns of stress faster


Have you ever wondered how your current mindset might limit your potential in life? The energy assessment in this module will tell you exactly what it takes to show up at your best consistently. This highly detailed questionnaire will surface your behavioral patterns and give you tangible insights into how effectively you manage your energy in all dimensions of your life. You will gain a clear picture of your current performance capacity and how your daily choices impact your success and well-being.

Module Five

Level Up Your Mindset


  • Apply the insights from your energy assessments to consciously create lasting behavioral change
  • Harness the 7 level framework to build resilience and boost your energy
  • Create your Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to reduce stress, improve well-being, and maximize performance


What does it take to create lasting behavioral change? And more importantly, what’s currently standing between you and your best self? In this module you will discover the 4 energy blocks that might be holding you back (without you even knowing it) and you will harness the 7 level framework in order to overcome your self-imposed limitations.

Module Six

Increase Stamina, Overcome Fatigue


  • Identify the influencers that are detracting from your physical energy capacity and define accompanying rituals to decrease stress and maximize performance
  • Implement the strategies that will allow you to increase stamina and beat the mid-afternoon slump 
  • Utilize the physical renewal system to thrive even in the most difficult circumstances and to emerge from stressful periods stronger, healthier, and more energetic


Discover how your current choices—the foods you eat and when you eat them, the patterns of your breathing, the quantity and quality of your sleep, and the level of your fitness—affect your physical energy and take deliberate action to make changes, so that you can feel just as energetic and alert at 5pm as you do at 9am.

Module Seven

Next Level Resilience and Confidence


  • Master your ability to neutralize stress and restore positive energy and pleasant emotions by utilizing the emotional renewal system
  • Increase emotional awareness and manage your emotional triggers
  • Implement the strategies that fuel resilience and improve confidence in the face of constant stressors


Dealing with the constant pressure and the inevitable ups and downs of sales can be frustrating. You need to be “on” all the time, carrying out directives from above and directing the work of your own team. In this module you will identify what it takes to restore positive energy and pleasant emotions in the face of constant stressors and how to do so successfully—because you can only perform at your best when you feel at your best.

Module Eight

Laser Focus and Peak Productivity


  • Increase productivity by up to 40%—get faster results in less time while applying half the energy 
  • Master your mental focus by utilizing the mental renewal system
  • Implement performance enhancing rituals to increase mental capacity


What does it take to get more work accomplished, in less time, at a higher level of quality, and more sustainably? In this module you will find out exactly how to enhance your cognitive capacities—most notably your focus, time management, and positive and critical thinking skills—in order to invest your best energy into your highest priorities.

Module Nine

Your Ultimate Success Formula


  • Make your progress sustainable over the long haul with a framework of incremental improvements and consistency over perfection
  • Identify your key drivers for sustained high performance and make them automatic over time
  • Your Resiliency Playbook—the sum of what you’ve learned and implemented throughout this program—will ensure the long-term success of your endeavors


Mastery is the product of consistency. The aim is to set up a framework of routines that ensures the sustainability and success of your endeavors. What’s the result? A new way of working that allows you to feel stronger and more resilient—physically, mentally, and emotionally—so that you can thrive again in all dimensions of your life, personally and professionally.

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