Future-Proof Sales™

Sustainable High Performance For Sales Athletes

Revolutionize The Way You Work.

After almost 10 years on the sales frontline, I know that those who have the psychological toolkit, anti-fragile mindset, and sustainable high performance system that upgrades their energy, mental focus, and emotional resilience, are the ones who will look back on the crazy time in history as the Decade of Disruption that made them, not broke them.

Led by sustainable high performance coach* Sascha Heinemann this program takes leaders from stressed to resilient, exhausted to energized, overwhelmed to in control, fragile to agile, being busy to making an impact… 

*Sascha Heinemann is a Certified Professional Coach from the Institute of Professional Coaching and an ICF (International Coaching Federation) Professional Certified Coach with an educational background in Business and Positive Psychology.

About This Program


Who It Is For?

This program helps sales managers to overcome burnout symptoms, build resilience, and get more work done, in less time, at a higher level of quality, and more sustainably.


Who It Is Not For?

This program is not for people who aren’t willing to take responsibility for their circumstances. As well as people who are looking for a quick fix to get out of their current situation.

Module One

Define Your Future


  • Understand the science behind goal setting and how you can apply these findings to your own goals.
  • Identify your core values and craft a powerful vision for your future that will inspire your success.
  • Discover and practice the fundamental behaviors upon which change is most effectively built.


At the end of this module you will know not only where you are going, but also why you are going there, and how you can apply the latest scientific research on setting and achieving goals to reach that destination. Complete clarity—from the inside out—will help you maximize your commitment to your goals and give you the greatest potential for success.

Module Two

Energy Fundamentals


  • Apply the insights from your initial assessments to consciously create lasting behavioral change.
  • Discover the 7 levels of energy and how you can use this framework to take control of stress.
  • Identify your mental barriers and remove the obstacles holding you back from achieving your goals.


What does it take to create lasting behavioral change? And more importantly, what’s currently standing in your way? In this module you will discover exactly how to break through blind spots and self-imposed limitations that are holding you back from achieving your goals. Mastering your mindset comes down to mastering your energy and that’s what this module is all about.

Module Three

Performance Influencers


  • Understand the six performance influencers and learn how you can make them work for you rather than against you.
  • Discover SCOPE, the only assessment app that allows you to measure your performance potential in real time.
  • Determine which intervention strategies work best for you to bring about your ideal performance state.


Want to maximize your chances of high performance for anything you are about to do? Discover the six influencers that most affect your performance and learn how to maximize your potential and boost your energy in real time. Whether it’s in your personal or professional life, learning to shift your energy is the one thing that changes EVERYTHING!

Module Four

Change Mastery


  • Discover the main reason why most people don’t change and how you will do it better.
  • Leverage the latest scientific research on habit formation to create lasting positive change in your life.
  • Set up a framework of routines that will propel you towards your goals and ensure the success of your endeavors.


Discover the scientific shortcut to higher levels of mental focus, emotional resilience, and physical well-being. At the end of this module you will have develop and implement a system based on evidence-based practices to close the gap between who you are and who you want to be. Between how you manage your energy now and how you want to manage your energy going forward.

Module Five

Performance Disciplines


  • Discover the six performance disciplines that have been shown to result in long-term growth and sustainable success.
  • Build a mastery learning philosophy, based on these disciplines, that unleashes your performance potential.
  • By the end of this module you will have transformed the way you live, work, and perform.


Begin the process of mastery and build a long-term philosophy—a framework of practices—that automatically resonates at high energy levels, and thus makes you less likely to experience energy drains in the first place. Your Success Formula—the sum of what you’ve learned and implemented throughout this program—will ensure the long-term success of your endeavors.

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